Hello! Do you know by chance if there is a english subbed version of MOON SAGA somewhere? All I can find are the unsubbed raw videos.

I don’t think so , i haven’t found subs in any language.

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Tsutaya Version Special of Daybreakers


ZEUS KANAYA BLOG (2014.9.29)


Today, since morning I joined Mayo kawasaki, GACKT and the member of the troupe, in the training before the play started.

GACKT’s style of training was really hard!!

Now, I’ll enjoy Yoshitsune Hiden - Ch 2!!

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Training With a Pro-Wrestler and GACKT.

Good evening, everyone!

The last day of performance of the national tour for MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden-Ch 2 in Osaka at the ShinKabukiza, safely ended in the great success of a sold out


This morning, 

I introduced my friend, 

the pro-wrestler Zeus, to GACKT 

and we trained together!!

I received training advice 

from Zeus too.

He is person with superhuman strength.

GACKT’s first time meeting Zeus went well and 

they exchanged LINE contacts.

I’m happy when our circle of friends expands like this.

Being able to help each other, or motivate each other, 

is something that both GACKT and I both hope for.

And from today

The final performance in Osaka 

finally ended, thanks for the hard work!


GACKT x 3594e -三国志英歌-

Change (Blog Magazine Issue 74 Excerpt)



My most recent words
are posted on the GACKT Blog Magazine
so check it out if you want to read it all
(Updates 3x a month)

The Osaka performances
are finally starting in the Shin Kabuki-za
from today.

Before the shows in Osaka,
the circumstances of the world changed a lot.

The Nikkei average
rallied all the way to 16,321.91.

It’s been roughly 8 and a half months, since January 8th
the last time it recovered to a closing price above the 16,000 level.

A few days ago,
there was a rally in US stock prices and a transition to a lower yen of about 1 USD to 108yen,
and there were more buyers than sellers from morning on.

A lower yen developed,
and there were large gains in the evening trading session.

The trading value of the Tokyo Stock Exchange was 2 trillion, 382 billion, 2 million yen.
The trading value reached it’s highest level in 3 months since June 20th over the weekend.

There was a statement from the FOMC that they will continue periodic easing,
and there were positive feelings from the high dollar and the low yen on the exchange markets.
That was the psychological tipping point for recovering to 16,000 for the first time in 8 months.

It feels like the Japanese economy, which has been asleep for the last few months, has finally woken up.

So then,
is there anyone in Japan where this is happening
that thinks it has nothing to do with them?

It’s going to have a lot to do with you.

That’s whether you want it to or not.

We’re now in a state of inflation.

The gap between those who are holding shares and foreign currency
and those who are not is going to widen day by day.

This inflation is not a temporary measure.

The government’s debt exceeds 1000 trillion yen,
so you can easily imagine that they are beginning to frantically print banknotes
and disperse them, can’t you?

If you look back at history,
when this happens to a country,
they are sure to employ inflationary strategies.

And then there is the unprecedented aging society that will soon arrive.

Currently, one in every four people is a senior citizen over 65.
In 40 years, it will be one in two.

Who is going to take care of them?

Taxes will increase.

Consumption tax, all of it.

Elderly people do not consume many things and services.

the economy will slow down even more,
and incomes will decrease even further.

When the demand from the 2020 Olympics ceases,
what will happen?

I won’t say it’s bad to keep the lifestyle you currently have.

But it’s clear to be seen that things are going to continue getting worse if we keep on this way.

You have to study investment
and get something to improve your lifestyle.

This isn’t a difficult thing.
If you’re thinking as I’m saying this,
"Who is a musician to talk about this…"
go do it immediately.

Even a musician feels it is obvious.

Look seriously at Japan 5 to 10 years from now.

That future is sure to come to both you and I.

And don’t just look at the future,
take some kind of action right now.

My name is GACKT
My motto is “Mr. PROPHET”

Well then, the Osaka performances are beginning…


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GACKT Official Fan Club // G&LOVERS



GACKT Best of the Best


GACKT 45th new single「暁月夜 -DAY BREAKERS-」CM Spot


GACKT Moon Saga

GACKTのニコニコ電話相談室~秋の夜長にDAY BREAKERS~ →

《GACKT’s Nico nico Advice Hotline ~DAY BREAKERS in the long autumn nights~》

In commemoration of GACKT’s New single, 『Akatsuki Tsukuyo -DAY BREAKERS-』
Here’s a chance to talk to GACKT real time over the phone…
『Nico Nico Advice Hotline』 On air!!

GACKT will listen to your troubles, and help solve them
directly over the phone on this program.

Love troubles, work troubles, relationships… etc
If you have anything you’re worried over, stop worrying and get some
advice from GACKT!!

Starting 11:00 PM on the Official GACKT Nico nico Channel.
On this『OH! MY!! GACKT!!!』Channel Special Broadcast
GACKT will be answering to『Adult’s troubles』

※ Viewers are required to be registered members at 『OH! MY!! GACKT!!!』.

Broadcast name:GACKT’s Nico nico Advice Hotline ~DAY BREAKERS in the
long autumn nights~
Broadcasting times:Wednesday 1st October, 10:00 PM ~ 11:30 PM
    10:00 PM~ Public Broadcasting
    11:00 PM~ Channel Member exclusive broadcast