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“Can I confirm one thing?”

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So.. gemcerey is gonna work on jewelry for Moon Saga 2 :)

Takeshi Nakano - Instagram

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Blog Magazine Issue 59


GACKT’s Fucking Stupid Stories No.11


…Yes, hello?…

… Oh, it’s you…

No, no,
I didn’t mean it that way.

I’m sick.
It’s hard to talk on the phone…

What happened?…

It’s not a big deal.

Huh, you want to know?

I caught a cold.
I’m really beat…

I wonder why hospital ceilings have such a lonely atmosphere.

It’s a low ceiling,
but it feels strangely far away…

It’s mysterious.

I feel uneasy at the feeling of an IV in my body,
so it’s not very cosy.

It seems like whatever is in it
is somehow tough for my body to handle
My right arm is all pins and needles
and I can’t get rid of the numbness…

I wonder why my right arm has been numb recently…??

It seems like the “parts” that make up my body
are wearing out one after another.

I can’t replace them
so I have no choice but to keep doing my best.

That said,
I have to get my fever down,
I have auditions from now on.
I have to go.
I’ll wear a jacket.

Yeah, yeah.

For Yoshitsune.
Right, I’ve got to leave the hospital now.

Seems like I’m not allowed to take it easy.
My schedule is full.

I wonder why,
even when I’m walking down the hallways in a hospital
they have such a depressing feeling…

I still haven’t seen
a bright and refereshing hospital
like the ones you sometimes see in movies.

I wonder if hospitals like that exist…
My hair is longer?

Shut up…
Because I don’t usually sleep
it grows fast.

If you don’t sleep,
your hair and nails grow quickly.

Try it.

Starting from now, the Yoshitsune auditions
will be all day work.

There are a lot of roles we have to cast.

Today is the ensemble auditions.

We’re doing simultaneous auditions
for the dancers and bit parts.

There are an amazing number of dancers attending.

The venue?
The location of the venue is…
I’m not telling you.

You’re going to be like, “whhhhyyyyyy?” aren’t you?

You’re going to say things like, “But I want to see you”.
No, no, give me a break.

This is work.

Entry is seriously prohibited
to outsiders.

That means you can’t watch.
Oh well,
I’ll report on it live.

So give it a rest.

Do I get tired of watching?

Honestly, you can tell in 3 seconds
who has no presentation ability.

But I have to watch all the way to the end,
so it’s a little tough.

Even so,
I do my best to search for any good ones.

There are a lot of people.

It takes an entire day for them all to enter and leave.

Cute girls?

Yeah, I guess there are a lot here…

Hey, hey,
Don’t be jealous.

What’s with getting jealous of the dancers who came to the audition?

You’re a weird one.
Why don’t you come and audition, then?

If you did, I’d examine you thoroughly.

Will you pass?

That depends on you, right?

You’ll be under high magnification.
If you want to stay in until the end,
you’d better have pretty good skills,
or you won’t last.

Of course,
it’s not just dancing,
but things like, “What are your special skills?”
What can you do as a dancer?

But it’s only natural for a dancer to be good at dancing, right?
It’s only natural for a singer to be good at singing.
It’s about what else you have besides that.

Of course,
there are a lot who don’t even reach that point.
people who are strict with themselves and work hard and look forwards,
will create a significant gap in ten years time.

It’s okay to keep working at it,
just continue.

These little bits accumulate
to make a person grow.

What do we look at?

a lot of things.

Of course we look at how they dance,
but also their flexibility,
special skills,
and smile.

I said it before, didn’t I?

One of those things is not enough.

We’re looking for something else that you have.
That’s why I take a lot of time with auditions.

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【MOON SAGA -義経秘伝- 第二章】一般公開オーディション募集コメント

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【MOON SAGA -Yoshitsune Hiden- Chapter II】Mononoke beauties Public Auditions - ENGLISH

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source: GACKT official facebook




オマエ… いったん、家に帰れ!




How y’all doin’?
I’m all caught up with filming for TV.
So busy everyday with promos for Akumu-chan.
Oh yeah, so apparently the episode of ‘Pressure Battle’ that 
we filmed the other day is gonna be aired soon.
I’m in the middle of travelling so I can’t watch,
but tell me what you guys thought.
Since it was a first time for me,
I didn’t know how things’d turn out.
Just watch me peg away Giving it all I got.

What? You got work?
You forgot to set the recording?
Get yo ass back home!’Pressure Battle’, on TBS!
From You’ll still make it if you run.
Commin’ right up.Just wait and see.
I’m sure y’all be surprised at my hidden talents.

Cya then.


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Feelings. (Blog Magazine Issue 59 Excerpt)


Dear my LOVERS

I’ve decided to post the whole editorial from this issue of the blog magazine.

Well, there’s a lot of ruckus going on,
and it seems there are still some people who misunderstand.

Give it a read.

*This article was posted in whole on the GACKT blog magazine “OH! MY! GACKT!!!”

Honestly, I’m tired from consecutive days of filming for TV.
I had to appear in a lot of TV programs
to do promotion for “Akumu-chan The Movie”.

Of course,
since my appearance is advertisement by itself,
of course I intend to cooperate.
The TV show staff call out to me

"GACKT-san, you’ve had a tough time.
Thank you for your hard work.”

While thinking, “Ah…I guess these people have seen the news,”
I reply

"Thank you~"

I think all of you read the news
and know more than a little about it,
but the production managers who ran my previous fanclub
were arrested for “suspected violation of coporate tax law”
on April 9th by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office.
They are suspected of failing to properly pay taxes on profits earned.

Let me explain this once more,
absolutely clearly and correctly.

The contract between myself and this production company
ended in September 2012 (the year before last).

For all practical purposes,
it ended in June 2012,
and from the stage performances starting in July of that same year,
I was performing under contract with my personal office, OFFICE GACKT.

That was because,
having seen their way of doing business over the previous few years,
I decided that it was not possible to continue working with them.

The fact that there was an increasing amount of unpaid money
owed to me was also one of the reasons.

just at the point when I moved to a different office
to do work properly,
my former production company
came under investigation
for “suspected violation of coporate tax law”

Because of this,
naturally all companies that were associated with my old production company
came under investigation.

And, immediately after that,
for some reason,
the heartless part of the mass media
began to report that
"I, GACKT, evaded taxes!" and
"I, GACKT, embezzeled donations!"
What the f**k is that?

I’m a victim here too…

In other words,
since it is now April 2014,
the account books and business connections
have been investigated for 1 year and 8 months
with the current results.

During this time,
because the National Tax Agency was doing an investigation,
I was not in a position to comment on
the accounting and tax problems of companies run by other people
that I knew nothing about.

That has been for the last year and eight months.
I couldn’t make any rebuttal immediately
because it might have interfered with the investigation.
It was a frustrating situation.
But, since I was not under suspicion this time,
isn’t it obvious by now?

Though it took 2 years.

During that time,
the heartless part of the mass media reported that
"The Tokyo Regional Tax Buerau conducted a criminal investigation into this production company and me"

In this way,
it got spread around that GACKT had evaded taxes…
but I really want people to cool their heads.

"Come stand under this waterfall!"

Even now, part of the mass media
are cutting their current reporting free of this investigation,
and reporting on random things that make you think, “This again!?”

I want you to turn away from the stupid mass media
and understand this well.
And currently,
I have moved to a different agent,
and they are operating my current fanclub, G&LOVERS.

With regards to the current reporting
the lawyers at my current office have replied to the mass media,

"GACKT is not in a position to comment"
The reason for that is,
that just because I was attached to my former production managers
who were arrested on suspicion of corporate tax code violation
as an artist, doesn’t mean I have any connection with their management practices or accounting.

It would be strange for me to answer as their representative,
when I am in the same position as other artists who were attached to that company, right?
Furthermore, I think it is also very strange
that rather than going to other artists who are still attached to that company,
they are coming after me…

In a nutshell,
I was not at the time,
and am currently “not in a position to comment on it”.
It’s a company managed by people,
and there are people in management roles,
so there’s no reason an artist who was attached to them
would have anything to say about their accounting or tax statements,
so isn’t this all very strange?

And, as for

"The improper statement of profits from fanclub events on tax statements"

there is a ton I’d like to say about that
and honestly I am quite furious.

I hate deception more than anything else.

Anyone who is associated with my band, GACKT JOB
or part of my staff, knows that.

if my former production company
broke those rules
then I would like them to properly carry out their societal responsibility
and publicly apologize.
That is what I hope for.
Let me explain once again,
one more thing in relation to this incident.
This is really a shout from the bottom of my heart.

There is absolutely no truth
to the idea that the donations for the East Japan Great Earthquake
were investigated by the Tokyo Regional Tax Bureau.

This is, once again, something that was written
by the heartless part of the mass media to their heart’s content.
This is blasphemy against the disaster affected areas,
and against all the children who put their pocket money in the donation boxes.

Using donation funds for my own purposes would be fraud.
I’d be under investigation from the police, not the tax office, right?

If you thought about it even a little bit, you’d realize.
If you can’t tell what’s a good thing and what’s a bad thing to write,
then you must be stupid.

I’ll say this clearly.

There is no truth to the idea that I have been investigated
by either the police or the tax bureau about the donations for the East Japan Great Earthquake.

That is nothing more that 2ch slander
that the tabloids picked up and turned into articles.

I’ll say it again.


The donations gathered
were sent to the Red Cross
via Rakuten Bank.



Why am I emphasizing this part?

That is because the fundraising activity
wasn’t just GACKT.

Lots of celebrities and athletes and public figures,
and people in 130 locations all over the country,
stood on cold street corners and called out for donations.
In response to that,
people from all over the country,
my fans, many children, and lots of businesses
took action.
It’s to protect the feelings of those people.
And to feel the hearts of those in the disaster area.

The heart of the Japanese people who help each other after an unprecedented disaster-
Those who sat and watched and did nothing
post baseless slander on the internet
and reporters from the heartless part of the mass media pick it up and turn it into articles.
That there are reporters who don’t fact check
and hate me, and want to bash me,
that can’t be helped.

That things get emotional can’t be helped either.

I stand out as a celebrity,
and bashing me probably sells magazines.

But shouldn’t you run your mouths and your pens
after you’ve properly confirmed
whether something is true or not,
and whether it should be published?

Read More… []

*This article was posted in whole on the GACKT blog magazine “OH! MY! GACKT!!!”

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Cinema☆Cinema 18 Aprile, GACKT speciale Akumu Chan

*Cinema☆Cinema 4/18* n. 50 in uscita oggi con GACKT, speciale Akumu Chan

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That’s two times now that we got news with an english translation that aren’t old.


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