GACKT×ホクト 霜降りひらたけCM

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Warm up doodle. Oops.

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TIME SPIRAL - NHK Blog (16.9.2014)


Hello, I’m ‘Time spiral’ producer.

It’s a little sudden but, here is in advance a scene from tonight’s episode!!

It’s a photo of the scene in which Shuya carries little Natsuki on his back after saving her from the kidnapping!

Full story in tonight’s broadcasting!!

Well, in last week’s episode, Natsuki remembered that Shuya is the spitting image of her first love who saved her from the kidnapping!

But, Kentaro heard over the phone that Natsuki was saying to Shunya ”All this time ,I wanted to see you” … .

What’s behind the kidnaping? What will become of the relationship between Natsuki and Kentaro?

Tonight a new key character makes his appearance too!

Tonight broadcasting, enjoy it please, from 11:15!!

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"After training finished, I was unexpectedly allowed to take part in the GACKT Game Centre filming. It was fun!

Including a punishment [batsu] game, haha.

Everyone, look forward to it!”

Source: Suzunosuke’s Twitter



Calendar 2001. Scans by me. 

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Yasoukai (Blog Magazine Issue 73 Excerpt)



My most recent words
are posted on the GACKT Blog Magazine
so check it out if you want to read it all
(Updates 3x a month)

I returned to Japan from Bali.
At 7am.
Then I took a flight straight to Fukuoka.

Now I’ve finished rehearsal,
and I’m just taking a break.

I was in too much of a rush,
and I don’t have much memory of traveling from one place to the next.
I was mostly unable to go into town in Bali,
but even so, I managed to meet many wonderful smiles,
so it gave me more energy than anything else.

This Yasoukai in Bali
was very special.

Of course,
there are special feelings every year,
but I feel like the word “exceptional” applies to this year.

Why is that…?

Perhaps because the composition of the setlist this time
had many acapella-focused songs,
when I was looking at each of the LOVERS
in the audience watching me,
and singing, lots of feelings welled up inside me.

"I was able to come this year too"
"Thanks to you, GACKT-san,
I was able to keep trying for so long”

Lots of people said these things to me
during the photo shoot.

These words warmed my heart the whole time.
I feel the same way.
Thanks to you guys too.

The Yasoukai is certainly not something you can participate in cheaply.

in the time between now and the next Yasoukai
there are those who will make a place for it
as a reward to themselves for truly working hard.

As you go through life,
there are lots of
tough things, painful things,
sad things, frustrating things,
things you want to run away from,
things you want to cry about.

But the results of gritting your teeth and moving forward
are in this Yasoukai, I think.

That’s why the faces of everyone participating are special.

Those who couldn’t participate this year for whatever reason,
make sure to come next year.

So you can say, “I worked hard!”

Of course, I too
am looking forward to seeing everyone again this time next year
so I can tell you all, “I really worked hard”.

My name is GACKT.
My motto is “Mr.RETURNER”


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textless versions of TIME SPIRAL Promoimages

Blog Magazine Issue 73


GACKT’s Fucking Stupid Stories No.25




…oh, it’s you…
Always such bad timing…

No, just talking to myself.

I’m just getting on the plane.
We’re going to take off soon.

What country am I going to?

I’ve come back from Bali,
and I’m flying straight to Fukuoka.

Yes, that’s right.
I was in Bali for my fanclub event,
the Yasoukai.

And, now I have a rehearsal
for the Fukuoka performances of MOON SAGA,
so I’m flying to Fukuoka.

Huh? What?
I’m too busy?

… That’s not a new thing.

The plane’s about to take off,
so I don’t have that much time to talk to you.

You want to know how the Yasoukai in Bali went?

You’re really a Little Miss Busybody, aren’t you?
Oh well.
I’ll talk about it until we take off.

Bali is really the best place for resorts.

There are lots of other resort locations,
but there are several reasons I like this island.

The first one is, it’s cheap.

This is an important thing.
Just by being there,
you feel that you have gained something.
It’s quite important to me.

it’s not just Asian people,
there are lots of white people too.

This is because Australia is nearby,
and a lot of Australians immigrate
or visit on vacation,
or set up businesses there.
It’s nice to see people of different backgrounds mixing.

And the next reason is a big one.
There are a lot of artists in the streets.

If you’re wondering what I mean by that,
there are many craftspeople, painters, storytellers, designers,
and creative people living in every part of this area.

Leaving aside the explanation of what drew them all here,
there are shops run by them and selling their work everywhere in the city,
so it’s extremely interesting.

It’s not just seeing an artists work,
you can often find their products and souvenirs
and creatively designed every day items.

The furniture and store interiors in Bali are fantastic.

This completely outdoes other resort areas.

These are the reasons I like Bali.

Is there anything I dislike?

Of course there is.
There are a lot of things I dislike.

First, the traffic jams.

The traffic jams in Bali are the worst.
The roads are narrow,
so when it’s crowded you can’t move at all.
The traffic jams are truly ridiculous.

The area called Seminyak
is known as the Roppongi of Bali, [Roppongi= place in Tokyo with lots of clubs and nightlife]
but the traffic jams there far exceed Roppongi’s.

It’s so bad that once the traffic stops,
it seems like the cars are never going to move again,
it’s so hopeless.

Also, there’s the mosquitoes.

There’s nothing you can do about the mosquitoes.

I want to enjoy the atmosphere of Bali
by eating and drinking on the terrace,
but before I know it I’ve been eaten by mosquitoes.

I really can’t stand it.
I HATE this.

I’m also allergic to mosquitoes,
so I really hate them.

But Japanese mosquito repellent doesn’t have much effect on them.
Apparently the local stuff is better.

If I’m at the hotel terrace or something in the evening,
and I nod off there,
it’s the worst.

My whole face swells up.

It’s really a terrible thing.

Well, resort locations are basically
usually in hot places so the mosquito problem
is something you just have to accept as a given.

I guess that’s all.

The airport in Bali has been upgraded,
and the international terminal has become extremely easy to use.

But if you know someone there,
you can go right through without passing through immigration.

This is really an awesome thing.
Immigration in Bali is really crowded.
It’s so comfortable to be able to go straight through
without worrying about it.

On this point, Bali is the best.

the rooms in both the villas and hotels
are, as a rule, pretty big.

I stayed in a villa for the first part of the trip.
It’s a beautiful place.

But it was a long way from the venue,
so half way through I moved to a hotel that my friend owns.

If you come with a lover, a villa is more fun,
but if you come with friends, a hotel is easier to use.

I guess that’s how it goes.

Villas are fundamentally places to relax,
so the gym facilities and stuff are poor.
Frankly it’s not a big deal.

But they’re in really good locations
where you can walk around many places
so they’re not bad to use.

This time,
the villa I stayed in for the first half
was close to the rehearsal studio
so even when we rehearsed until midnight
I could go home as soon as it ended, it really helped.

The one I switched to half way through was pretty far away.

on the first day I immediately checked in,
ate, and then left for rehearsal.
We worked until pretty late,
but I was annoyed that we weren’t able to completely finish that day.

It was because I could clearly see
that we would need a long rehearsal the next day as well.

Training started early in the morning the next day.
When the play starts, I can’t do much weight training
so I have to save up all at once here.

I dived into it these past two weeks,
so my body is aching.

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KAWASAKI MAYO Facebook and Blog (2014.9.11)

*G is wearing blue/violet shorts, gloves and sunglasses of course lol

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Yesterday,I organised a meal for GACKT who had just arrived in Hakata for tomorrow performance of Yoshitsune Hiden Ch 2 at the Fukuoka Sun Palace.

Since almost every member of the crew came, we held a little party.

At the end, I asked GACKT and he sang 2 songs for us.

Everyone went like Wooow, he really is the best!

At that time GACKT said

I’m a pro

The real thing (guess he means he takes his work as a singer seriously and working hard for it ) and everyone burst out laughing

As expected from GACKT!

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Bunraku (2010)

Birthday (Blog Magazine Issue 67 Excerpt)



My most recent words
are posted on the GACKT Blog Magazine
so check it out if you want to read it all
(Updates 3x a month)

I had my 41st birthday…
Before I knew it, I’d turned 41.
I’m surprised.

Since passing my birthday on July 4th,
I thought I’d feel a lot of things,
but I’ve been so busy every day I could die
and haven’t had any time at all to think about those sorts of things.

Again tonight I feel as if
I could fall asleep at any moment if I closed my eyes
my body is that tired,
but it’s not an unpleasant tiredness.

Now that we’ve started rehersals for the play,
I do training in the morning,
and then go straight to rehersals
and continue until late at night.

The young folk are all desperately working at
the hard training that they’re not used to,
but they’re all doing well,
and I can honestly say they’re
with me until the end.

I can’t express in words how proud I am and how beautiful the sight is
of everyone doing their best to follow me even while struggling.

It makes me happier than anything
that I can deliver this play to everyone starting from next month,
and I’m also happy to be creating this work with these comrades of mine.

There was a fanclub event the other day.

Apparently it was the ultra high class hotel The Westin Tokyo’s
first ever fanclub event,
and they were pretty excited
that I’d be keeping to the dress code
and celebrating with the fanclub in such style.

Of course,
it was my first time having a birthday event at a hotel too,
so it was a magnificent thing to have to celebrate my 15th anniversary too.

At this event,
we also used the place with the biggest club,
but there weren’t enough seats at all,
and there were many LOVERS who couldn’t get a ticket.
I’m very sorry.

For all the people who supported me like this,
For all the people who followed and believed in me for all this time
No matter how many words of gratitude I say,
I can never express my thanks.

Even in the future there will probably be random bashing from tabloids
that will cause me stress.

But even so,
to join a large faction
and live being protected by them
is not my style.

I’m going to keep living in my own way.
In order to move you all more than you’ve ever been moved.

Let me say one last thing.

Thanks everyone.
I love you all.

My name is GACKT
My motto is “Mr. HAPPIEST”



GACKT x Marius Yo - CINEMA SQUARE [Akumu-chan “The Movie”]